Something Different for December

Wasn't December delightful? It don't think it was a "Drag" at all! (do you see what I did there?) Well it was a warm December for starters, some thing I know we will probably paying for by the end of January, but Shhh we I wont mention the Sn' word if you don't, Lol! In... Continue Reading →

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The May way!

Hello ladies and welcome to May!  What a lot we have going on for you this month!  But first, the gossip from last months April meeting. We made Bunny Bunting! And I can't help thinking this next photo tells you everything  you need to know about Let's Make Jam and quite possibly the WI in... Continue Reading →

Oh Open Up To April!

Hello Beautiful ladies and welcome to April, the beginning of spring, the start of the warmer weather and the bringer of chocolate, I mean Sun! SUN. Well, some sun anyways... oh, and Bunnies... and Ooooo, Simnel Cake for Easter this year. Sure, everything that's worth celebrating has to have its own Cake right! At Christmas... Continue Reading →

March ah!

Oh My Days, its MARCH already! March brings with it so much this year. St. Davids Day, International Women's Day, Mothering Sunday, St Patrick's Day, Pancake Day and the start of Day light Saving when the clocks spring forward... in to ... wait for it ... Spring! February wasn't too shabby either, I mean ...... Continue Reading →

Beginning The Year With Wellbeing

Hi Ladies, I hope you are all Well, especially after last months Wellbeing meeting. Unfortunately, I wasn't at our January meeting so the fabulous Julie Wells has stepped in to help me out with the blog this month. So over to you Mrs. Wells. "Well January was our Wellbeing meeting. Our Fabulous speaker Nicola from... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Epic Us!

Happy New Year Jammers! Wasn't Decembers meeting an absolute Blast? And I know we normally manage to pack in tone of goings on but My Goodness Me! Even I was blown away! And CHEESE! Well, enough said! - I think I'll let the photos speak for them selves. Our Speaker for the evening was Carly... Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say Christmas?

Hello, Marry Christmas! How are we all? We hope you are all well and warm on this, National JUMPER and LMJ Christmas Party Day. Did you join us to see Miss Pitchy Patchy at last months meeting? Were you with us or did you join us online through our live Facebook feed? Wasn't Miss Pitchy... Continue Reading →

Party Play Time!

Hello Jammers and welcome to another of Let's Make Jam Bloggaroony Thingies We hope you are all well in a month that saw LMJ's 10th birthday. We seem to have gone from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds! It's definately been a very busy month and doesn't seem to be slowing down either. So did... Continue Reading →

Chin Chin! Amazing GIN!

Happy August everyone and welcome to what could possibly be one of the longest Blogs to follow what was quite possibly one of the shortest Blogs I've ever done! But hey, you know me, I love to be different! I say longest... please don't be turned off, as what I actually mean is "JAM" packed... Continue Reading →

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